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Bunker Pitch Presentation

We have begun the initial planning stages of a complete bunker renovations here at WGC.  Timing, scope, and logistics of the project are still in the works, but I have confidence that the project will get off the ground in the near future.  There will be a scrolling summary of the project on a flat screen in the Pro Shop throughout the remainder of the season.  I will also be holding narrative presentations to accompany the slideshow.  The first narrative will be held Friday Oct. 27th from 1-3PM in the Pro Shop.  If the weather permits we will also tour the course to answer any questions.  I will repeat the narrative a couple more times this fall.  Come by this Friday or check back for updates on future dates. Below is the complete slideshow being presented in the Pro Shop.   The Cost of renovating The investment comes at a cost. For our project we are looking at a figure of over $200,000. There are certainly ways to lessen than cost, but only by sacrificing important

Fall Aerification Update

Weibring Golf Club  @  Illinois State University  Agronomic Update-Fall Aerification Many golfers are aware that a golf course must aerify.  Here at Weibring GC, our fall aerification practices are set to begin Monday Oct. 16th.  H ere are our plans for aerification, followed by a brief explanation of why we aerify. The Plan:  Greens- Back 9 on Monday, Front 9 on Tuesday.  Putting Green will not be aerified until on-course greens heal enough to roll smooth. Every green will be topdressed with sand before aerifing; aerified with a half-inch solid tine, followed by another topdressing, brushing, fertilizer, and water. Greens with excessive black layering and black algae accumulation at the low points will be core aerified in those trouble areas only.  Fairways- 4 inch vertical slice offset at 1 degree, brushing, verticutting, and aggressive mowing. We will solid tine the fairways in the Spring, a practice we started this past spring and received better results.  Tees-