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Big Changes for Weibring Golf Club @ ISU

The last blog post was May 2019.  It is disappointing that I allowed that much time to pass between posts... but, my energy has been spent improving the property and operations. Since the last post, there has been  A LOT  of changes at the golf course!!! So what's new? Hole 8 after the renovation The bunkers of course!    If you didn't get a chance to see the big changes we made over the summer of 2019, you missed out!  We received positive feedback on both the strategic changes and the improved play-ability of the high quality white sand in the new bunkers. By finishing Phase 1 on-time and under budget in August, we were able to add more additions to holes 1, 4, and 13 as winter set in.   In all, we spent $290,000 to completely renovate every bunker and add a few new ones.  This was not just removing the bad sand and replacing with new sand- we gutted every bunker and made them all better. Better shape, better strategy, better sand, better drainage, better golf!!!