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Monthly update March 2021

The monthly update is a place I will share agronomy related updates for the 2021 golf season.  Thank you to everyone that watched my Maintenance Monday videos throughout the off-season.  Also, I love when people ask about agronomy, so please send comments, questions, or ideas to the blog or Facebook/Twitter pages.   Quick work and the bunkers on #5 were ready for play this spring  It is easy to forget the ice storm when you start off the spring with such great weather. But it was a tough start to 2021.  The damage was extensive and required quickly mobilizing our team and renting equipment to begin cleanup.   With the extra labor, rental, equipment, and emergency repair to the power lines at the Pro Shop, the Ice Storm cost our operation over $12,000 in unexpected costs.   Here's a few pictures of the course the days after the ice storm. Cleanup detail continued as we opened the golf course on March 4th.  The work will continue throughout the summer as we remove trees that are