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Covid-19 update

It has been a difficult few weeks for everyone.  The decisions being made by leaders nationally, regionally, and locally are difficult ones, and in times of such uncertainty, never please everyone.  As we make direct decisions about our operations, conflicting positions of our own principles and values, make these decisions that much harder. In the end, we are under executive order by the Governor of Illinois to close our golf course.  This has been difficult, as we always associate the spring season and green grass with being able to see so many familiar faces.  Fortunately, we have been allowed to perform essential maintenance tasks while the course is closed to the play. We will be able to keep the golf course in a playable condition, which will allow immediate reopening after the order is lifted.  Thank you for your patience during this time and please respect the closure of the golf course and not frequent the grounds.  This includes walking, running, biking, or practicing golf

Big Changes for Weibring Golf Club @ ISU

The last blog post was May 2019.  It is disappointing that I allowed that much time to pass between posts... but, my energy has been spent improving the property and operations. Since the last post, there has been  A LOT  of changes at the golf course!!! So what's new? Hole 8 after the renovation The bunkers of course!    If you didn't get a chance to see the big changes we made over the summer of 2019, you missed out!  We received positive feedback on both the strategic changes and the improved play-ability of the high quality white sand in the new bunkers. By finishing Phase 1 on-time and under budget in August, we were able to add more additions to holes 1, 4, and 13 as winter set in.   In all, we spent $290,000 to completely renovate every bunker and add a few new ones.  This was not just removing the bad sand and replacing with new sand- we gutted every bunker and made them all better. Better shape, better strategy, better sand, better drainage, better golf!!!