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Mid-Winter Update Jan 2019

Fall 2018 Oct.  12th, 2018. Snow caused Round 1 of IHSA Finals to be cancelled   A quick recap of the Fall- we skipped it! We had summer-like temps in early October and snow by mid-October.  November was cold (6-7 degrees below normal) and 7.7 inches of snow (we average 0.3 inches). Temps rebounded to above average for most of December and early January, but have been below average since Jan 10th, with record cold January 29-31.  Certainly a roller coaster over the last 4 months. Mid-November snow.  Note the leaves still in the trees in the background. Fall fertilizer applications were scheduled 3-4 weeks earlier than years past, with a few applications not completed due to cold temps through November.   The challenge with fertilizing fine turf, such as greens, is that you need to be careful not to impact the plants' natural process of "hardening off".  Meaning the plant goes through the physiological process of releasing proteins and other enzymes to pr